What is SideLine Scout?

SideLine Scout is a video replay system that allows athletes and coaches to instantly review recorded video to gain a competitive edge. This system makes it easier than ever to capture, share and analyze professional quality video during sports competition or training. With this revolutionary platform athletes can now instantly review and make adjustments allowing them to take their game to the next level.

How does SideLine Scout work?

The system uses professional or personal video cameras that communicate with our SideLine Scout Elite System to take incoming video streams and convert them into video clips. These video clips are then distributed through a secure, self-generated, network to all connected iOS devices. No internet connection or additional wireless network required. Athletes and coaches are able to view the video clips seconds after it happens allowing them to make quick and deliberate adjustments. Once on your mobile device, videos can be watched in slow motion, fast-forward, reverse and even frame by frame. There is also the option to sort by athlete name, event, or rep. Within the viewing app you’re able to compare videos from your personal library, or even from the internet. After the practice or competition is over, the athletes and coaches can continue to use their mobile devices for further study and training regardless of being connected to the SideLine Scout network or the Internet.

The SideLine Scout Story

iPad with SideLine Scout appIn the summer of 2013, Steven Smallwood was approached by a friend to identify how their local high school could leverage new rules allowing technology to be used in the press box and on the sideline during football games. They needed a way to use an iPad or tablet in the press box to watch a previous play. Previously this recorded video was reviewed the following day by coaches and players to see what adjustments they could make for the upcoming week with their next opponent. With this SideLine Scout coaches could watch previous plays from the game and make adjustments immediately giving their team an advantage. When SideLine Scout was first introduced it took up to 80 seconds for a play to get to the tablets. Of course we were not satisfied and were determined to get it under 30 seconds. Within a few weeks, Steven and his team had the clips coming in less than 10 seconds after the play was over. SideLine Scout emerged as the leading product for GameDay Edge.

With Steven’s years of experience in technology and sports he immediately determined the Internet could not be a requirement to this solution. He saw the importance for this system to be Simple, Fast and Reliable. His vision was to develop a system so simple that an 8th grader could run it. The SideLine Scout team has taken this idea and ran with it. In early 2016, GameDay Edge was approached by Drew Johansen (former 2012 US Olympic Head Coach, 2015 head coach of World Championship team, 2016 World Cup team and current Indiana University Head Diving Coach) wanting to leverage the SideLine Scout platform, but this time for diving. GameDay Edge teamed up with Coach Johansen and his staff to customize a SideLine Scout system specific for  the world of diving. This new solution is now being used every day with collegiate and Olympic athletes around the world changing how they prepare for upcoming events. The SideLine Scout Elite platform has opened up opportunities in other sports such as gymnastics, swimming, basketball, wrestling, volleyball, baseball and many others.

In 2018, GameDay Edge released two new products called SideLine Live and PoolSide Live. These two products are providing a low cost entry for athletes and coaches into live replay with an Apple TV, television and HD network camera.  In this short year it has replaced existing video replay systems all over the world. These two products embrace Steven’s idea of Simple, Fast, and Reliable. These products offer a hands free delayed live replay option where previously there was either outdated technology, or nothing at all. Not only do they provide a delayed live replay, you can also go frame by frame, slow motion, one swipe jump-back, and more.


Taking a bootstrapping business approach, GameDay Edge, LLC. has yet to take on outside investment. GameDay Edge is not opposed to taking on VC or Angel investors, but we believe our bootstrapping strategy requires guts, determination and passion which will prove to future investors that we are a good investment. This company is no longer an idea on a napkin. It’s real! If you are a interested in becoming a part of this great story please send an email to founder@sidelinescout.com.

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