Hands-Free Replay allows Instant Correction

The faster your athletes can identify and correct bad habits, the sooner they will perform at Championship levels. Our software is easy enough for K-12 teams yet powerful enough for Pro and Olympic teams. Where do you fit?

Review clips / sessions from Local Library

We use the high powered Apple TV 4K to view and analyze athlete video without Internet or laptop/desktop computer. Video stored locally for your security and privacy control. No Cloud needed.

Download Clipsfrom the live stream*

Download clips directly to your iPhone / iPad to take home or immediate analysis. Share it to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or text it to a friend/parent. Too many options for sharing to list.
* Requires a Local Wireless Network – No Internet required

See Every Detail as it happens

Take advantage of HD Video with a wide variety of compatible cameras. PTZ, Varifocal, Fixed, GoPro*, Wireless. We can work with them too.

*Talk to one of our team members about how this can integrate into your network

Easy to Use Gesture Control

Advanced Swipe controls eliminate searching for the right button. Stop to analyze video using frame by frame or slow mo and want to get back to your preset delay quickly? One easy swipe up on the remote and you are back in business. Our developers don’t just sit in the office and code. We sit in practices to identify how we can help you be most efficient with your athletes then we code.

Take advantage of Advanced Features

Use split screen to see multiple angles simultaneously, slow motion to catch all the action and customizable delay specific to your practice flow. Full Screen Switching Between Split Screen Cameras with Hot Swap Double-Click Transition. Video Presets executed on Launch for supported Cameras

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I customize the video delay?

    Yes. When I'm in the batting cage I normally set it to 5 seconds, but if I'm fielding ground balls I might have it set to 15 seconds because I'm jogging back toward the TV.

  • What do I need to make it work?

    TV or Monitor, Apple TV, Camera, PoolSide Live software subscription

  • What do I need to make it work?

    TV/Monitor, Apple TV, Camera, SideLine Live software subscription

  • What is SideLine Live best used for?

    SideLine Live is perfect to get a hands-free replay while throwing a bull-pen or taking hacks in the cage. With a mounted TV or on a rolling cart the player or coach can easily get a second look immediately after they throw or hit the ball.

  • Can I download the video to my iPad or iPhone from the AppleTV?

    Yes. This feature was added in V2 and is now available. You can create clips from 5 seconds to 5 minutes that can be viewed from the local recordings or downloaded directly to your iPhone/iPad into the sideline scout viewer. If you are looking for the ability to clip and automatically distribute to coaches and athletes that is one of the benefits of the SideLine Scout system. A local wifi network is required. If you don't have one already we can help you add one.

  • Can I use my existing TV or monitor?

    Yes, as long as it has an HDMI input.

  • Can I use the same cameras I used with my old TiVo or DVR?

    If your cameras are IP then yes. If your cameras have BNC connection then you will need a converter to make it a network camera.

  • Do I have to buy my cameras from you?

    No. Our system is compatible with a variety of cameras, but if you do buy from us we will preconfigure the cameras so that all you have to do is plug-n-play. If you are an IT guru this may not be as important yet I can say it has been a highlight for most coaches.

  • Does your system support camera Presets?

    Yes. If you have a manufacturer-supported camera that has preset functionality you can easily configure the camera to automatically execute any given preset on launch of the camera.

  • What kind of cameras do you support?

    Our systems work with most all cameras that support Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) as well as HTTP and RTMP.

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