SideLine Scout for Football and Diving

Fast and Easy Set-Up

July 11, 2016

We all know how much preparation goes into a game or competition. There’s travel, cameras, equipment, stretching, taping, etc. Any speed bumps can mean added stress when you don’t need it. SideLine Scout is here to ease that stress.

SideLine Scout is easy to set-up, so you can focus on what’s important. Check out our video so you can see just how fast and easy it is to set-up and get started filming so you can get back to the action.

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Trusted by Elite Coaches and Athletes

Indiana University
University of Texas
USA Diving
North Carolina University
Howard University
Stanford University
University of South Carolina
University of Louisville
Purdue University
George Washington University
University of Miami
Florida Atlantic University
University of Arkansas
Notre Dame
Ohio State
Carnegie Mellon University
Washington & Jefferson College
University of Minnesota
Diving Australia
United States Air Force Academy
Fort Lauderdale Diving Team
Auburn University
Indiana U. – Purdue U. Indianapolis
Arizona State University
University of Northern Iowa
Bryant University
University of Findlay
Union College
Wabash College
University of Nevada at Reno
Bryn Mawr College
West Virginia University
Georgetown University
Emory University
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
University of Missouri
University of Florida
Washington University at St Louis
Denison University
Colorado School of Mines